Posterior tibial tendon

What is it?

Pain along the inner aspect of the lower leg and under the middle ankle bone and into the midfootOften associated with a flatter foot profile

Type of device indicated?

  • TECTHOTIX (link to product) – good control and reduction of pronatory symptoms at the rearfoot in early PTTD (needs high density heel raise)
  • Bio-Mex (link to product) – if the arch is still of a reasonable heightHigh quality insole (link to product) – again if the arch height is reasonable
  • Slimflex Berry (link to product) – control but with lower arch profile if irritation is a problem.May required additional rearfoot posting


Addition of walking boots helps with symptoms reduction

Other Stuff

Latter stages need a custom devices +/- AFO

Rehab is more specialised and needs professional input